Since our start in 2016, we have grown steadily, expanding our Services. We have developed a complete range of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Services from India to support Japanese and Indian companies.

We look at how our work impacts our society and economy and be mindful of our role as engineers, not just as technical problem solvers but addressing our community needs. Recent technological innovation is extremely fast and technology development capability that embodies needs prior to other companies ahead of time is required. Also, as globalization progresses, the way Japanese manufacturing industry looks is questioned, providing more value-added products to the world is becoming an indispensable factor for the survival of companies.

Our solutions to problems are more effective and timely. This is due to our humble beginnings with small projects where we had to be efficient, diversified and cost effective. This culture of excellence, quality, and cost savings continues to earn us repeat business. The entire company is very excited about the future of WEES as we continue to expand and excel in our many fields of service. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services and challenging career opportunities.

Mr. Keizo Nakayama

President of Wave Energy Engineering